Logic Message Features

Global SMS Coverage

Send SMS messages to all active mobile numbers around the world.

Cloud API

Send SMS messages directly from your applications and websites. No physical hardware required on your end.

Personalised Sender ID

Brand your SMS messages by customising the sender ID with alphanumeric characters.

Message Queuing

Send high volume of messages within a short period of time. We queue and deliver them for you.

Real Time Logs

Get real time logs on your SMS delivery status.

Simple API

Simple API allows you to easily integrate Logic Message with your existing applications.

Long SMS Concatenation

Send worry-free long messages. Messages longer than 160 characters will be automatically concatenated on our end.

Multiple Languages Supported

We support Unicode UTF-8. This means that you can send messages in Chinese, Japanese, French and many other languages.

Website Messaging

Send SMS messages directly from our website to any phone numbers.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Purchase virtual phone numbers and personalised sender ID for use in one single account.

Ported Phone Number

Port your phone number over to our system to send SMS messages with your own number.

Receive SMS

Receive messages and get engage with your customers in a conversation.